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Most people who work with me experience massive shifts that help them create success no matter where they are in life.

Check out what some of my clients say:

“When I started working with Mandy I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I needed support moving forward and getting my groove back. After one session with Mandy I felt motivated and ready to take action. Within the next few weeks I hosted an online 7 day challenge, worked on filling up 3 events plus interviews for my Huffington Post articles balanced with raising a young family and all that comes along with that. My productivity went through the roof! Mandy’s relaxed and yet professional style put me completely at ease. I would recommend her service to anyone who is wanting to gain clarity and momentum in their personal and business life.Kate W.

“I began working with Mandy because of a major life transformation taking place with me which included a divorce and the transition from a big corporate job to being an entrepreneur. Despite the fact I had done a significant amount of healing work already, my goal with Mandy was to get her help in re-programming the deepest and most powerful part of me, my subconscious. Mandy worked with me on identifying specific areas of my life I was blocked and then created powerful hypnosis recordings with me. The work we did together helped me transition into running a small business of my own with confidence and excitement vs. fear and doubt. My business is growing quickly and I continue to listen to her recordings. Mandy also helped me visualize and create a better relationship with my ex-wife which is also benefiting by two small boys.

What I liked most about working with Mandy was her style. She is warm, personable, smart and her pleasant voice puts me in a deep trance making her hypnosis work extremely effective.

I highly recommend Mandy if you are up to some big things in life and don’t want your past blocks getting in your way. Michael W.

“Mandy took the time to dive into some of the experiences in my life and where I’ve been held up in my progress. I went into the experience thinking that what I needed to work on was business related but in fact was much more personal. I’ve resolved aspects of my relationship with my partner and my son and as a result, some really beautiful things have come about since then.

To be able to call out the places in my life where I need to go deeper and to have more empowerment in my life and to be able to hold that in my mind and my heart as I walked across the fire under Mandy’s guidance it gave me such a beautiful release and incredible sense of knowing that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Working with Mandy has been an incredible journey. I trust her and she has a natural wisdom that is able to reach me in a way that is incredibly empowering and truly unexpected because it took me in a direction that was even better than I thought it would be! The transformation that I’ve experienced through our work together has been wonderful.Amy Jo D.

“Going through post-Grad school depression, I was looking for ways to reprogram my thinking, as I felt I was no longer in alignment with the universe. After just one session with Mandy I began to feel the difference in my mood, energy level and general outlook. It was easy to schedule an appointment with her and although I had initial reservations about a Skype session, my fears were unfounded. I genuinely felt she “got” what I was saying and created a perfect custom hypnosis session.

The week following my appointment I began seeing signs that I was in alignment with the universe. People around me reached out to help me, 2 opportunities for possible freelance gigs appeared out of nowhere, and I met a guy who seems nice, among other things. At work people remarked that I seemed happier. She helped to re-set my thought processes so that I can focus instead on what I need to, to attract my hopes and dreams to me.”Deidre W.

I came away feeling more clear about my future and “next steps”, in control and grounded. Mandy is an intuitive and intelligent coach. She was able to concisely reflect back to me my core concerns during the session and provided me with guidance and techniques to help me stay grounded and present throughout the week when I feel overwhelmed with the business of starting a new business.”Deirdre S
“It was greatly beneficial on many levels. I had an opportunity for complete relaxation and I was able to see myself confident and capable of achieving my dreams and bringing my gifts to the world. It gave me access to my power in manifesting what I want and staying in the feeling that is here already. Mandy was able to tap into the places that were most powerful to go to during the session. She was intuitive about my needs. She has a very warm and gentle way. I feel that I have to focus on what I want to create and stay in that place of feeling like they are happening NOW. I’m staying mindful now of being in that place as much as possible. She is amazing and I look forward to our next session!”Kerri L
“Working with Mandy was truly a healing experience. She listened, gave great advice, and was very understanding and professional. I felt very comfortable with her. Mandy’s voice is so soothing that I was melting into my seat. I was so relaxed was really able to transcend deep into my unconscious. I definitely felt a shift after just 1 session and I plan to schedule more! Thank you!”Amanda Deming
“I gained an understanding of the frequency I can attain when I mindfully place myself in the emotional state I’d like to be when I reach my successes. Mandy was very easy-going, very easy to talk to and very understanding and helpful. I feel a better understanding of what it is I am doing with my time. She gave me a mantra to tap into, “All of the work I do now is benefiting my ultimate goal.” Thank you Mandy!”Wendy M

“My session with Mandy exceeded my expectations. This was my first time seeing a hypnotherapist, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. She made me feel completely at ease and really took the time to answer my questions. Honestly, I didn’t have many thoughts on the session right after it ended, but during the weeks that followed, I realized how often I referred back to the topics that had surfaced. The insight that was gained acted as a guide that really helped me to navigate myself through a rough time in my life.” Laurie Ma

“I felt & feel amazing! I feel happy that I am doing something positive towards what it is that is holding me back. I feel that I am moving forward in a positive healthier direction. I feel like a block has been removed. Things seem clearer, simpler. Mandy listened to what I had to say, the goals and dreams I wanted to accomplish. She was very understanding, interactive, asked questions that made me think and compassionate. I will definitely continue seeing her and recommend her as well. I am very thankful she took the time for me.”Loralee J

“I worked out the kinks of my goals and set intentions to make them a reality. Mandy showed me different ways to look at goals I have trouble with, so now I can look at them in a new light to get the energy I need to complete them. I’m really taking the steps and action I need to get them accomplished. Mandy made me feel comfortable with myself and letting my true feelings come forward. She spoke to me in a kind way and helped me look at things differently with an open heart and no judgment.”Greg S.
“A skeptic myself, I was truly amazed at the immediate results I received in only a few sessions. Mandy is easy to talk to, incredibly intuitive, and a master of her craft. I requested a hypnotherapy session that would inspire me to start my fitness routine again after a year long hiatus. The very next day I started running. Normally I would quit after a week or two, but it’s been over two months now and I am still going strong. That’s just one of many examples. I use the recordings from our sessions all the time; when I need a boost of confidence, when I need to relax, when I want to inspire myself to do something, and even just to help me fall asleep. Hypnotherapy with Mandy is really the gift that keeps on giving!”Sierra D.
“This was a major step forward in terms of organizing my goals and tapping into the positive feelings associated with their completion. I am remembering that situations that seemed more immovable and difficult to navigate are simply temporary in the daily transition to the future I’m seeking to create. She helped me determine a new ‘back up’ plan to reach them in case things I do not control cause new challenges. I’ve also been returning to the imagery and feelings related to the hypnotic session as a source of positivity and motivation.”Chris M.
“Mandy’s hypnosis is amazing! She customized the hypnosis sessions to my specific needs and the best part is — I can listen to them over and over again, at my leisure. I find them to be ultra-relaxing and every time I listen to one, a sense of calm and peace just washes over me. I’ve been harboring toxic emotions and the hypnosis sessions have given me a new perspective on the situations that have caused these negative feelings, and they’ve given me an outlet for releasing them. I just find myself in better spirits after hypnosis.”Olivia M.