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How would it feel to crave your life?

To devour each second as if it was second to nothing.

To swallow the fire, consciously inhaling the heat and breathing out inspired flames.

To be the version of yourself who doesn’t wish for anything because you hunt down desire like prey (and know you can never bite off more than you can chew)?

Right now the only thing stopping you from being them is – well – you.

You know you need to be doing something else, something better, yet you don’t trust yourself to make the best decision. You even go so far as to insult inspired ideas by ignoring them. No, you’re not the only human being on this planet living a life like this. Mediocrity is an epidemic. But let me shoot you straight for a second:

While you trivialize your talents in an effort to maintain an adequate, safe life, someone else is suffering because you haven’t stepped into your power.

Pick up your head, greatness-in-human-form. How about some good news?

Your calling is better than keeping your nine-to-five, better than a mediocre marriage or hearing the repetitive echo of unfulfilling days.

I believe new experiences are possible (and very likely) when you commit to changing the stories you tell yourself. I know life is limitless when you equalize logic and intuition, when you reconnect to the self within – your soul and your spirit – and open up to the divine guidance dreams are built upon.

Mandy LeonardoI’m Mandy Leonardo, a lifetime New Yorker with a soft spot for everything spiritual, and I want you to know the second you stop stifling your imagination and slay limiting beliefs, you finally become the incredible gift you’re supposed to be.

It’s hard work, but it’s sooooooooooo worth it.

An angel of transformation, I help others heal by using hypnotherapy and transformational coaching, helping people reprogram their deepest fears into their greatest strengths. My clients become transformed action-takers healing from the inside out.

My mission? To transform their lives by unlocking the root cause of unnecessary fears and evoking their inner wisdom.

I know all of us carry, deep inside, everything necessary to begin this work.

Trust me.

A former card-carrying member of the blame and shame team, I knew it was everyone else’s fault I wasn’t doing what I loved. I was miserable at work, bored in my marriage, and beginning to manifest physical ailments that mimicked my internal unhappiness.

Home sick one day, I learned the phrase “you create your own reality” and, from there, my journey toward inspired living.

The path I took wasn’t always easy, but I didn’t have any guidance. Pain and addiction, binging and purging, regurgitating pieces of my life so as to remind me of doubt. But every time I went back to that phrase – you create your own reality – I picked up another self-help book or explored passions that used to excite me.

I dug deep, and I stopped fearing what I’d find. Instead, I excavated every unnecessary, nagging belief I carried. That’s when my habit of hurting myself stopped (because I finally realized I had the ability to stand in my power and create a dream worthy life). But first I had to drop the excuses and get real with myself.

Through mind, body and soul alignment with a tell it like it is coach, I want the same for you.

A life you crave, crafted because you chose it and lived wholeheartedly because you deserve it.

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Professional Credentials

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis Motivation Institute – Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
Certified Life Coach – Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching with Alan Cohen
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner – Center for Advanced Life Skills
Time-Line Therapy Practitioner – Center for Advanced Life Skills
Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Practitioner – Dolores Canon
Certified Fire Walking Instructor – The Firewalking Center
Member – American Hypnosis Association

**Seek advice from a medical professional when making any decisions regarding medication.