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Do you wake up each morning with a deep flame of passion inside urging you to do something different – but just can’t seem to make it a reality?

You’ve tried so hard to release those unwanted habits and behaviors by devouring self help books, reciting daily affirmations and snapping up tickets to personal development seminars left and right – with the hope that the next something will finally give you a tool/secret/tip that actually works.  But every time you try to take action, you find yourself stuck, confused and unfulfilled.

Yet still….you believe you’re meant to live big  – but have no clue how to make it happen.  Seriously: If you’ve got an urge you can’t shake to just DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY but can’t seem to make it a reality – I get it.

Hi, I’m Mandy!  I’ve been there and now I’m here to help you reconnect to the core of your inner desires, release those nasty negative beliefs and get you moving into action by creating the passion-fueled life you were always meant to live.

  • Even if you’re an entrepreneur who has this overarching, grand vision but can’t seem to stay focused and connected long enough to bring it into reality.
  • Even if you’re a creative who doesn’t believe you can earn a living using your gifts because your beliefs about money don’t support you.
  • Even if you’re a by-all-accounts successful marketing manager who beats herself up every single morning wondering, “Is this really it?” and “Why can’t I just be grateful for what I have?”
  • And even – especially – if you can’t quite articulate what your not-so-little desires actually are.

The answers you’re seeking lie deep within.

Ready to start learning what makes you tick, why it matters and how to release what needs to be released so you can start doing life your way?

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